Hidden GPS coordinates in Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto

After reading about Anders Behring Breivik hidden GPS coordinates in his manifesto I was first very skeptical. But after finding them in his manifest “cleverly” hidden as IP addresses I started to see something interesting in it. The media did not provide much information so I had to do some digging myself. See below for the list of “hidden GPS coordinates”.

After choosing the first one (59.334 18.097) I punched the numbers into Google maps and found a street in Stockholm. Of course this street contained no interesting “target” at all besides perhaps EMI music Sweden. But why go after those guys like they go after “copyright pirates” if you dislike Muslims? After these GPS coordinates there is a plusf87. So I added 87 to 18.097 and got 59.334 18.184. I punched it into Google maps and got a surprise. The target now is spot on the route of a popular cruise ship that traffics between Sweden and Finland. Now this is an excellent target for a shooting rampage. They do not check your luggage; you have a room in the same place where you are going to do your shooting. There is 12 hours of open sea to place a detonation and to shoot people. I do hope that the cruise companies such as Viking line gets their security tightened. Just as a measure I added the 87 to 59.334 and hit water again. Perhaps there is a good nude beach close by that he planned to visit.

I decided to choose the second Swedish site (59.346 18.048). Without adding the numbers I got to a pizzeria in Stockholm; hardly a target of the same magnitude as the first one. I added the numbers as previously described and got to the Ethiopian embassy (59.346 18.084). It is a higher risk target but I am not as impressed with the choice. An embassy is always at risk for political reasons and therefore probably has already taken measures in order to try and prevent something from happening. But of course, a car bomb there would spread the news around the world… but then again so would any car bomb as long as it is in the Western world. If it is in the Arabic part of the world it is a footnote and a clip on Liveleak with some weird music. I am diverging, last try (59.382 18.048). I get a small forrest close to a small boat yard. This gets me to think. What if all these coordinates is a part of ONE plan. So that all the Stockholm ones are connected in some way. The bomb in the embassy with a timer and then massacre the people on Viking line? That sounds like a plan Anders would make considering how cold he calculated the attack in Oslo. There is a third “target” in Stockholm. Let us investigate.

First coordinates (59.337 18.056) goes to a back alley in the middle of Stockholm. Now we have subf19. I guess that means that we should subtract the numbers. As always be begin at the end (59.337 18.037). We are now on the train tracks just outside Stockholm central. This is interesting. But we are not exactly on a train track. We are more in a small wooded area next to it. (59.318 18.056) we are on an uninteresting street in the middle of the city.
Since I am half Dutch I decided instead of checking something in Holland. I chose Utrecht. First the numbers by themselves (52.087 5.054). I got close to some film club and Blokker store. Not very interesting. Adding the 94 to this I got close to a motor way (52.087 5.148). More correctly we are standing in an parking lot. Hmm… this does not seem like anything at all. Adding the numbers to the first part of the GPS places us in the middle of Loosdrechtse Plassen. For those that do not know of it, it is park where people do all kinds of water sports. The marker is close to the island of Meent (52.178 5.054). Perhaps this island is used by some political organization as well. Of that I do not know. Quickly moving on. Let’s check the London subway that was in the news as a target.

(51.517 -0.083) Price Bailey? There is a subway station close by but this is not pointing to that. If you use GPS surely you want to be exact to your target (as with the Viking Line and embassy targets) rather than pointing in a general direction. I would say that is a miss. Let’s add the numbers up again and see what we get. (51.517 -0.187) Bootcamp Pilates? Hmm… I think not. (51.614 -0.083) Whitehead Close, a residential street.

In all fairness I till give this one more try. Let’s go for Brussels. After all, Brussels is the political capital of Europe and Anders seems to dislike politicians. (50.854 4.346) Again we end up on the street outside a restaurant. Adding 08 (08? A Peculiar way of writing 8) to this gets us a crossing in the middle of the city (50.854 4.354). A swing and a miss. Finally we choose the last (50.862 4.346) and we get another house in the middle of the street. Either politicians live on these streets or they visit that restaurant. However, they live all over the world and why should these people be of a bigger target than all the other politicians? That is for the police to decide.

My conclusion of this exorcise is that these might not be GPS coordinates at all but something else. The peculiar thing is that they are all hitting larger cities and not some mountain range in the middle of nowhere.

Whilst writing this document some Norwegian has released all the locations on the web that marks all the different locations so that you don’t have to copy paste them all http://u.no.net/4fi.

Being a computer nerd like myself I tend to see the list as something differently. If we look at how the list is structured it looks remarkably much like a password file in Linux. The first numbers can then be the IP-address and then directly on that we have the username and encrypted password. But the passwords themselves are looking a bit too structured to be encrypted passwords. And the IP-addresses are not valid either.МБ